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Dr. Michelle Liberty D.C.
Dr. Michelle Liberty D.C.

Dr. Michelle Liberty D.C.

Dr. Michelle Liberty has been a chiropractor for over 27 years helping thousands of people of all ages from newborns to the elderly. Her own experiences with back pain and chronic headaches as a teen and athlete led her to become a chiropractic patient during university. That experience changed her health and life in such a profound and positive way that she was inspired to become a Chiropractor.

Those early experiences also helped shape her philosophy toward healthcare that is exemplified today in taking a total body approach. Identifying and treating the primary underlying issues that often lead to impaired nervous system function is vital for restoring and optimizing health. This approach also encompasses issues of poor posture, disharmony in strength and flexibility, and abnormal or painful biomechanical function of the musculoskeletal system. Dr. Liberty works closely with other health practitioners such as registered massage therapists, naturopaths, personal trainers and a hypnotherapist to ensure that all aspects of her patients’ health are being addressed.

Following a thorough functional assessment of the nervous system, skeleton and muscles, a personalized treatment plan is designed for each patient based on three basic health principles:

  • the central nervous system (brain and spinal cord) controls the health, function and healing of the entire body: treatment to remove interference in the flow of nerve system communication between the brain and body will allow the body to be as healthy as possible and to heal more rapidly and completely when injured
  • a strong and flexible musculoskeletal system in proper balance and with good postural alignment avoids unnecessary stresses, strains and degeneration to muscles, tendons and joints
  • a healthy lifestyle with good nutrition, exercise/movement, and mental well being are essential components of a total body health approach. This is why Dr. Liberty works so closely with other allied health practitioners

Through a collaborative and rehabilitative approach with her patients and their healthcare team, Dr. Liberty’s ultimate goal is to create lasting results for a lifetime of optimal health and healing.  Her passion for improving the health of the community also lead her to offer health education classes for various groups in her office, at the YMCA, in community centres, for sports clubs and in the manufacturing and corporate worlds.

Dr. Liberty’s interests have also inspired her to achieve another chiropractic degree as a Sports Injury Specialist. Using the same total body approach, Dr. Liberty has helped hundreds of athletes from recreational to Olympic and professional levels to recover faster and with peak performance in mind. Recently, in association with Complete Concussion Management™ Inc., she has further specialized in the prevention, assessment and treatment of concussions, both acute and chronic such as post concussion syndrome. Pre-season baseline testing of brain function for athletes helps accurately determine when it is safe for a concussed athlete to return to their sport, school or work. Dr. Liberty offers baseline testing for individuals and teams and is highly recommended for participants age 8 or older in contact sports. Athletes and non-athletes alike can suffer with concussions and associated whiplash symptoms for years if not properly assessed and treated soon after a suspected concussion.

Additionally, Dr. Liberty has achieved certifications in pregnancy and pediatric care; motor vehicle accident rehabilitation, laser therapy, custom foot orthotics, compression stocking fitting, functional neurology, and the OTZ method. OTZ is a highly specialized assessment and treatment approach to the body as a whole, with special attention to the upper neck and skull which ensures proper brain-body communication and function. It is a vital part of the total body approach as it can influence the outcome of every injury and condition that our patients experience from concussions and headaches to back pain, frozen shoulder or foot pain.

“I love working with patients to help them recover their health and vitality. Collaborating with patients and guiding them on a new path towards living to their full potential by achieving and maintaining good health is a great passion of mine. Despite past health issues and genetics, with the right care it is never too late to live an optimal, healthy and active life!”

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