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Morgan Freeman R.M.T.
Morgan Freeman R.M.T.

Morgan Freeman R.M.T.

Morgan Freeman RMT has been working closely with his clients in the Toronto area to achieve their wellness goals. His fascination with the body began during his time working with the Main Space School of Circus Arts as an acrobat and performer as well as during his career as a film and television actor. He is a graduate of The Sutherland Chan School and teaching clinic where he learned to rebel from the “one size fits all” approach to massage therapy and is a strong believer that each treatment should custom tailored to fit each of his clients unique needs. Using a variety of Myofascial, Swedish, and neuromuscular techniques he works to ensure the best results for his clients by selecting the right treatment combination for that individual client. Over the last 5+ years he has helped his many clients overcome numerous issues including chronic back pain, chronic migraines, anxiety, muscle and joint pain, poor posture, sciatica, and tendonitis.

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