Kelly Glynn

Kelly Glynn R.M.T.

Kelly Glynn has been practicing as a Registered Massage Therapist since 2018.  She is established in her community and has grown a large loyal client base. Kelly is always looking for ways to integrate healing and current modalities to provide the most effective treatments for her clients.

A natural healer, Kelly has been practices General Massage Therapy and Reiki, and possesses an intuitive understanding of how quickly patterns can be released and shifts can happen in a person’s body. Reiki has brought a rich dimension to her life and to her treatment focus. Her clients benefit from her integration of her healing skills in every treatment she provides.

Kelly is passionate about sharing different treatment modalities with her clients, modalities that can help to bring about their own healing and enhance their journey to better health and wellness.

• Beach Clinic
Services Offered:
Massage Therapy